love your js? set it free

your javascript is lonely.

If you're as curious as we are, you've probably built a whole load of sweet toys using the latest features of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. And if you're as easily distracted as us, we bet you never find time to share them, or blog about them, or zip it all up so someone else can have a play. Your creations are lonely. That's why we made grabcode.

grabcode helps visitors steal your code.

Do away with that right-click > view-source > copy > paste bollocks – grabcode gives your users instant, browsable, downloadable, syntax-highlighted, code-thefty goodness. Now you have no excuse not to share your toys with the other kids. Mother will be pleased.

it's easy as one, two, free.

  1. Add class='grabcode' to any <script> or <link> your creation requires. Give it a title too, if you like.
  2. Add class='grabcode included' to any code you want to include in the downloadable zip archive.
  3. Add <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> right before your </body>
  4. That's all! Throw your code at a web server and if it sticks, it's ready to eat.

see it in action

Eyes down. See that black bar at the bottom? Yeah, that's it. Click 'get the code' and go wild. For a more realistic example, here's a photo gallery widget using grabcode.

the catch

We own all your code. Just kidding! Use whatever license you like. There's no catch. Although it's worth noting that grabcode is in pre-alpha. No, we're not really sure what that means either.